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Suppliers of Agricultural Parts & Tractor Parts and Consumables

Log Splitters

Suppliers of Agricultural Parts & Tractor Parts and Consumables

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Agricultural Supplies (92)

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Agricultural Supplies

At D W Whitson Ltd we supply a wide range of Agricultural Parts, Tractor Parts and Motor Vehicle Parts and Consumables, across Cumbria, the North West and beyond.

Suppliers of Fertiliser

At D W Whitson Ltd most of our fertiliser is provided by Yara UK Ltd but we do supply products from other manufacturers. Our focus (as throughout business) is on local, Grassland fertiliser and quality.

A Personal Service

Here at D W Whitson Ltd we offer a personal, responsive service with competitive pricing and a focus on customer care. Get in touch with David or Hannah a to find out how we can help you.


Rumenco feed blocks and licks for sheep and cattle. Available are a range of supplement licks and feed blocks - LIFELINE, SUPAlyx, Rumevite and MAXX. For more information and pricing please get in touch with us.

Our Suppliers

At David Whitson Ltd we offer a wide range of agricultural and motor vehicle parts and consumables. We work with a number for suppliers to make sure we can provide you with the best products which are always fit for purpose.